Do you currently

  • Wake up every morning with a heavy heart and feeling of dread?
  • Feel like you want to press snooze just once more?
  • Feel like every day is groundhog day?
  • Constantly feel sluggish and exhausted with zero motivation?
  • Feel like your life is somewhat ordinary and one big old routine?
  • Have a burning desire hidden deep down but give into fear every time?
  • Let the concern of what everyone else thinks run your life?
  • Live to someone else’s standards but not yours?

Do you want to feel

    • On purpose
    • Vibrant
    • Driven
    • In Flow
    • Motivated
    • Connected
    • Inspired
I get it, i’ve been there. Thank fully in the end I decided to make a change, say yes to myself and not settle for less and trust me i’m not saying it’s been easy or a “destination” that i’ve reached and no longer have to do the “inner work” on, it’s a constant journey of growing and evolving which in the long run is a hell of a lot better than remaining stagnant because it’s what’s “comfortable”.  I get it the unknown can be scary, it involves stepping out of your comfort zone and doing something that you aren’t use to doing, and hang on a second let’s stop avoiding the elephant in the room, what an earth will everyone think?

“The biggest limitation you have are the ones you place on yourself”.

I firmly believe that you are number one and in order for you to fully be the best version of yourself or for your loved ones you MUST take consistent action on looking after YOU and valuing YOUR needs.
If you are ready to break through the barriers that YOU are placing in front of yourself with your limiting beliefs and excuses I am here, here to support and cheer you on to help you move in the right direction of creating the life of your dreams.It’s time to  start saying yes to you and what you want to bring into your life because let’s be real here, you are capable of ANYTHING if you just put your mind to it and believe in yourself.
I have personally made the biggest transformations and sifts in my life both physically and mentally when I have worked with a coach which is why i’m here today doing what i’m doing, because my purpose is to help other women create the live of their dreams.

Life is not a dress rehearsal, this is it.

I believe that all you  need is already within you, but you need to believe in yourself, you are no different to Oprah, Ellen, Lisa Messenger or Marie Forleo (just to name a few) not a single one of those inspiring, successful women have been given a golden ticket to life, the only difference is they’ve decided to prioritise their dreams and go for it.

So how can i help you you may ask?

Together we will create heartfelt goals that are aligned to you, how you want to feel each day and unravel the habits and mindset that are keeping you small and stuck. Within each goal we will break it down into bite size actions that will propel you forward on a path that lights you up and all of those dreams you have holding within your heart will start to become a reality. Along this journey I will be your personal cheerleader, I will be there to motivate you, hold you accountable and remind you – You are enough and you deserve this!

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible”- Tony Robbins

You will get:

A powerful and thought provoking questionnaire to crack open your deepest fears and wildest dreams before we get started on our first session.
  • 6 x 60 minute Skype or Phone sessions, fortnightly over 12 weeks.
  • Unlimited email support in between our sessions.
  • Relevant worksheets, resources and other useful tools to support you throughout your series.
  • A FREE 30 minute followup Skype call one month after our series to see how you are tracking.

Your investment:

For a limited time only as a special introductory price i would like to offer
A one off payment of $365 upfront
3x monthly payments of $135
Get started with a complimentary 30 minute chat with me, and we can explore what you would like support with, and whether my 1:1 coaching program is the right fit for you.
I am excited to share that with every coaching series booked in the months of August and September I will be donating $100 to “Buy a Bale” to help support Queensland farmers who are in severe drought. This cause is very close to my heart, perhaps it’s because i’m married to a farmer and understand the severity of what droughts can do.
Australian farmers are the backbone of our country and have fed us for hundreds of years. It is now time for us to show our support and help get them through this tough time.
If you would like to read more about this cause you can here

Client Love

I have absolutely loved the coaching journey that Tegan has guided me along over the last 3 months. She naturally brings so much light and warmth to our coaching and has been such an integral source of support for me along the way! Working with Tegan on creating a more intuitive and conscious way of living has helped me explore what it is that deeply nourishes my soul. I have learnt so much around the delicate balance between being gentle with myself and moving with flow of momentum when taking action. Its been a crazy, heart filled experience that has taken me so much further than where I started, thanks to this gorgeous woman!
– Jo ChunYan

Before working with Tegan, I was having a hard time feeling a goal to completion. Tegan’s style of coaching completely blew me away, and was exactly what i needed to move forward with my goals. After working with Tegan for several months, I was finally able to put the pedal to the metal and make things happen.  Her heart for coaching is evident and her sweet spirit made our sessions flow so beautifully as I finally felt heard and supported. I would recommend Tegan to anyone  seriously about making things happen.
-Tiffany Pierce