It’s the 1st of January, start of the year a new beginning and your feeling a whole lot of inspiration to map out your goals and resolutions for 2017, your so eager to dive right in and take action straight away.
Before you know it, it’s already July and six months has flown by and you’ve stopped taking action, lost the motivation, inspiration and you find your beating yourself up because you aren’t where you pictured you’d be by now.
I want you to know that I hear you and can definitely relate.
I’m a huge fan of setting goals and creating vision boards to help you create the reality and life that you love. I feel it’s so important to keep striving and maintain momentum otherwise years can pass you by and your still feeling “stuck” in the same place, the place where you’re a little bit unhappy however, your comfortable and content, the place I like to call the comfort zone.


You are not stuck where you are unless you decide to be, being stuck is a decision – Wayne Dyer


With it being the start of July and a new financial year I thought it would be a great time check in with you, see how your going with your goals, see if they still align with what you want to call into the your life and perhaps create some new ones. So with practicing what I preach I thought I would share some of my goals with you along with some actions that I will be taking to move me closer to achieving these goals.


Goal – Grow my life coaching and Doterra business which allows me to live a life of freedom, abundance and connection.

  • Become part of a group with women who are in a similar situation and place in their business who will support, encourage, hold each other accountable and provide me with the connection that I am craving from like-minded souls.
  • Work on self-confidence with public speaking and sharing my mission so that I am able share essential oils with others, hold 1 on 1’s and classes.
  • Launch my coaching packages along with a price and become a Certified Beautiful You Life Coach.


Goal – Create a lifestyle that improves my health, depends my connection with myself and is aligned with my core desires.

  • Eat foods that nourish my body 80% of the time (you may wonder why 90? Because I still want to live a balanced life which to me looks like treating myself eery once in a while guilt free).
  • Meditate 5x week
  • Try a new kind of exercise eg. Pilates
  • Use and learn more about mother nature and how it can help me physically and emotionally (this also looks like learning a lot more around essential oils).
  • Meditate 5x week
  • Exercise and move my body most days averaging out to 4-5 hours a week.


By breaking your big goals down to bite size actions that you can work on daily it makes it feel a whole lot less overwhelming. Baby steps lead to big results but no one else can take these steps for you, only you can by constantly showing up even when you don’t feel like it but it’s all up to YOU.


Are you someone who needs accountability, support and your own personal cheer leader? That’s where I come in, I can help you get to where you want to be. I believe everyone deserves to live a  fulfilling life however that may look to them.
As you saw, one of my actions was to launch my coaching packages however, in celebration of this I am offering 3 beautiful women a FREE 3 month coaching series with myself which is valued around $279!.
I want to see you shine, I want to see you vibrant and loving life and I believe you can, you’ve got it all within you.


If you are interested in this amazing offer please send me an email at or comment below, I would love to help you create a life that you love.