Can you feel it? The christmas buzz is in the air? Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year but can also be one of the most stressful with money, feeling like you have 101 things on your to do list and christmas functions leaving very little down time resulting in your energy being pulled here there and everywhere leaving you depleted so i thought it was a perfect time for me to share my top tips that I am doing this year to keep things S I M P L E and E N J O Y A B L E.


1.Shift your mindset

Christmas can bring a lot of emotions to the surface that normally revolve around the lack or scarcity mindset whether it be with funds or family. Have you ever heard of the saying “what you resist persists?” I couldn’t agree more. Last week i found myself stressing about money, not only for Christmas but for holidays that follow. From this mindset i noticed straight away that i was wanting to hold onto every cent that flowed into my bank account and my focus was on how much i needed for presents and holidays, I was 100% all up in my head with the lack mentality and driving myself absolutely crazy BUT once i took a few steps back and let go of the stressing i realised i’ve been here before and know that, that mindset and stress doesn’t serve me any good so i started shifting my mindset and filling it with positive affirmations like “I live in abundance” and “Money flows freely and easily into my life” and things turned around for me so fast! I got a few more hours at work, I won a Doterra diffuser online valued at over $100 AND received $160 worth of free products from a catalogue party that i had done. #winning! Everything was flowing and i could see right in front of my eyes that there was no scarcity.


2.Secret Santa

Presents, presents, presents my gosh i cannot believe how much some people spend (and actually go into debt for) on christmas presents! and while i must admit i don’t have children (unless furrbabies count) so our situation may be very different to others. Our families choose to really simplify on gifts, us adults draw one secret santa each and give a Wishlist of the top 3x things we would like within a decided dollar value. It makes it a lot easier financially, means we aren’t all running around the shops like crazy trying to find gifts for 6x adults and lets be real here for a minute how much do we REALLY need? I feel like a lot revolves around “materialistic” items especially around christmas, we can feel like more is better and again focus on lack and scarcity mentality rather.


3. What makes christmas special for you?

While christmas means one thing to one person, it can also mean something very different to another. As mentioned above we can get so caught up in the materialism and “tizzyness” of christmas BUT what is it that really makes Christmas special for you? For me Christmas is about family, yummy food and holidays so I choose to put more energy and focus into those areas so i can enjoy it all wholeheartedly.


4. Plan and save ahead of time

While it feels like Christmas will be here before we know it we can definitely plan and save ahead of time rather than leaving everything to the last minute. I’ll admit it, I can be a saving a nut but i know i wouldn’t be where i am today without savings and can’t imagine doing things any different. I have looked ahead at roughly how much we will need for Christmas presents, accommodation while on holidays and spending money, this makes it very clear how much i need to put away each week until Christmas and this for me is a non-negotiable. When we break things down into bite size chunks everything seems much more doable and less overwhelming.


5. Remember it’s ok to say no

Between christmas parties and family gatherings it can feel like everyone wants your energy in the space of a few days and it simply isn’t always possible. What good are you to your loved ones at all of these events if your sick, rundown and exhausted? You still need to take care of YOU, do what makes you feel good and practise self care, they often say it’s often the times that you don’t have time that you need it the most. It’s ok to say no to somethings or try to find a nice happy medium your doing your best and you can’t always please everyone. I like to communicate well in advance our plans for Christmas and working the others around that to avoid travelling to 3 different locations in one day and crumbling in a exhausted heap at the end of the day.


Gifts of time and love are surely the basic ingredients of a truly merry christmas – Peg Bracken


Although these little tips of mine are very basic and you probably already do or know most of them I wanted to give you a little reminder. Here’s to enjoying every minute of Christmas with loved ones, eating WAY too much food and having a merry old time.


Lots of love