As I sit on my phone mindlessly scrolling social media rather than being uplifted and inspired like i use to I find a overwhelming feeling of gloom and comparision. What is wrong with me? Why can’t i jump out of bed every morning full of energy and positivity? Why can’t i find the motivation to go for a run and nourish my body day in and day out? Why can’t i seem to get into the rhythm and flow of meditating? And i’m here calling myself a life coach? I can’t be a life coach and mentor other women when my life doesn’t look like a happiness bubble full of bone broth, salads, daily meditation and constant creative flow.
Yup this is a snippet of what runs through my head. Crazy right?
The comparison that I’m feeling is the feeling of not being enough and it has made me retract, remain stagnant and hide in my own bubble of shame and negative self talk.


Your self-worth should never be measured against images of someone else’s life.


How many of us have given up on our passion because the self doubt creeps in and it doesn’t look how you think it should because your comparing it to someone’s instastories.  We don’t feel like we are capable and cut out for this “work” because it doesn’t look like x,y,z, because of this i’m starting to find that I am starting to disconnect from the social media world because I feel like I can no longer relate to the people who once inspired and motivated me.


I’m feeling like i can’t detox and rid my body of toxins if i haven’t spent a few grand on a infrared sauna or i won’t have a successful loving marriage because I don’t make love to my husband every morning so does that mean i’m going to grow old, wrinkly and age horrendously on my own now? No it doesn’t, because you can’t tell me that that is how life looks every day for all the beautiful loved up couples out there however, that’s what i’m starting to think because that’s all i’m seeing online. Why? Because we don’t see any different. It’s not shared when their having a tough day, can’t get out of bed and are feeling exhausted, unmotivated and just feel like having a large coffee to get them through the day rather than a cold pressed green juice.
Don’t get me wrong i’m all about boundaries and privacy but i’m also about realness. I never want you to feel like i’m superior to you because my life looks “perfect”, I want to share the lows just as much as i share the highs even though sharing them comes with a whole lot of resistance. I know that when i’ve found things tough it would have really helped me to know that this is normal, everyone has their days, every couple has their moments and that this doesn’t mean that i’m doomed.

No one’s life is as perfect as their Instagram feed. – Unknown

We are HUMAN, we feel the feels and we cry sometimes just as much as we laugh and that’s ok. Everyone and everything has ebbs and flows, it’s natural for there to be expansion and then contraction. Hold space for where your at and know that you are not broken and deemed unworthy because your life doesn’t look like someone else’s highlight reel. Stop putting pressure on yourself to be feeling 100% 365 days of the year because the is incredibly unrealistic.
You are you and I want to scream it from the rooftops that you are not alone and you are not broken.
If you let comparison get the best of you, you’ll never be your best self. I’m a firm believer in attracting the energy you wish to seek in this world, and energy like doubt and comparison will only amplify your shortcomings, leaving your true potential clouded.
Do you; whatever that means for you individually.

With love
Tegan xx