The feeling is in the air, you know that feeling that big change is on the horizon? To be honest I’m really not too sure how i feel about it, well actually that’s a lie I do know how I feel about it. I feel scared, anxious and just want some answers (crystal ball anyone?).

Christmas is approaching fast, I’m getting married early next year (eek!) and uncertainty is not how I want to be feeling right now. So lovelies incase your feeling the same and riding the waves of uncertainty with me I wanted to share a few things that are helping me at the moment that could also hopefully help you if your feeling like your on a rollercoaster of uncertainty.



I’m someone who always said meditation is something I want to explore further and incorporate into a daily practice but for some reason I always struggled to do so however, recently I’ve found myself turning to meditation daily (I’m not gonna lie I’m pretty proud of myself!). Since practicing meditation daily things have manifested that I’ve been putting out to the universe for quite some time and when I’m in a state of quiet and stillness I’m able to call my mean girl out on her bs and allow what I truly desire to rise to the surface.

Meditation has also helped me to remember that there are many external factors in our life, house, job, relations etc however, with all of those factors stripped away your still left with yourself and everything that is within which in my eyes is way more important than any materialistic objects.

The guided meditation that I’m really love at the moment is a Sourcing Meditation from the lovely Rebecca Campbell which you can find here.



With emotions on an all time high I know that a good night sleep and rest is a non negotiable for me. Increase your chances of having a good nights sleep by ensuring technology is turned off up to an hour beforehand, your room is as cool and dark as possible (to my fellow Queensland’s bit tough at the moment I know!), and unwind with a good book two that I am loving at the moment here and here.



For me this hasn’t looked like hitting the gym for hardcore cardio but has been something as simple as heading outside in the fresh air and sunshine with my fur baby for a bit of a brisk walk. Chances are you will come home feeling a lot more refreshed, energised and clearer than you felt before you plus I’m sure you’ve heard that physical exercise releases those feel good endorphins that we all love, winning!



I have been going to my Kinesiologist for over 10 years and at times have felt like my life would look very different without it. It’s important for me to up my sessions a little more when I’m faced with a stressful time that I’m not quite dealing with emotionally as best as i could be.  After a kinesiology session I always walk away feeling lighter, refreshed and clearer.


Herbs, Vitamins and healthy eating

There are so many natural alternatives that are out there to help you before get to a point that feels too big for you to deal with. Ensuring that I take things such as magnesium and vitamins that have been recommended to me by my naturopath are so important to me in times of stress. I know from past experiences if I let stress rule my life I pay for it dearly for a long time afterwards and trust me it just isn’t worth it. There are also many nutritious foods out there which will have a positive effect on your mental and physical health rather than reaching for high sugary foods which give you a short time high followed by an all time energy slump.


Self Care

I know it can be viewed as being a little bit selfish but sometimes you need to really take the time out to relax and unwind more than you normally would whether it means you have to turn down a party or dinner with friends. There is a lot going on for you right now and you may be a little more fragile and vulnerable than normal so be kind and gentle with yourself and know that your self-care is number one.


Know your limits and when you need to let go

Some situations are beyond our control. If something cannot be changed, take a step back and work on accepting it for what it is. Try not to control the uncontrollable, the universe has a divine plan for you and sometimes things need to change or come to an end for the new to come into our lives, try your very best to remember and trust the process of it all. Remember – this too shall pass.


Change and the unknown can be tough especially when your right in the thick of it all. I really hoped you enjoyed me sharing a few things that I’ve found useful in these times and i would love it if you could share yours by commenting below or sending me an email here

Lots of love,

Tegan xx