Wowzers, not only is it 2017 but it’s May! Where has time gone?

Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been a little (or very) quiet here in my beautiful online world so I wanted to fill you in on what’s been happening for me so far this year, why I’ve been quiet and most important of all to let you know just how much I have missed you!

Towards the end of last year some big changes occurred within my full-time position as a Bookkeeper within an accounting firm, there was a lot of uncertainty and concern around the security of our positions as we merged with another firm. Luckily we all kept our job however, this came with a lot of changes and adapting that needed to happen some that suited me and some that didn’t. As Christmas holidays were drawing to a close the deep heavy pit in my stomach approached at the thought of going back to work, the realisation of where my passion lied and what I wanted to be doing was definitely becoming a lot clearer for me and harder to ignore.

2017 was going to be one of the biggest years for me for one main reason, one of the best days of my life was happening in May, I was getting married to the man of my dreams who I have been with for nearly 9 years (yes ladies you heard me 9 years!).

As the year progressed and the wedding was getting closer my work commitments continued to increase, I felt like I was in a circus trying to juggle my passion, home life, wedding planning and self-care. I was spreading myself thin over a lot of things however giving none 100% and it was starting to take my toll, so after a long chat to my amazing friend/coach Sarah Jensen I decided that I needed to take a bit of a break from my Life Coaching biz in order to release those great expectations that i had put on myself that I could do it all. This decision was not easy for me as I wanted my Life Coaching business to grow, it was my ticket to freedom and what I wanted to do every day because lets face it, my passion sure as hell wasn’t at my full-time job which felt like it was sapping my energy. So over the last few months I had been prioritising my relationship with my soon to be hubby, self-care and planning of the wedding.

With this little break that I’ve had with my biz it has become even clearer once again that this is where I want to be, building my amazing Life Coaching business (and something else that’s a tad excited will announce once I’m back) to help other amazing women acknowledge and unlock their power to live a life that they love.

Over the last 2 weeks I have made big changes in my life, practised what I preach and want to inspire other women to do, I have said yes to myself and passion and resigned from my full-time job in order to enjoy the wedding and honey moon 100% without feeling the heavy weight on my shoulders of work commitments. This decision was not made lightly at all, it came with a lot of second guessing, tears, and concern however, deep down in my heart I knew it’s what is right for me and I am forever grateful that I have the support from my amazing fiancé’ as he could see the effect that work was having on me, our relationship and my health.

So with this said once I return from our amazing honeymoon in Hawaii I am upping the ante on my biz and finding a job which gives me the balance and freedom to do so. I am so excited to see what is yet to come and to connect with many more amazing, beautiful, like-minded women like yourself.

Now it is time for me to love and leave you, I have some much-needed packing which is needed with less than 2 short days until the big day and 3 until we fly out (hello nerves!).

Lots of love to you all, have definitely missed you! Lets promise to never have a break like that again!

Tegan xx