Have you ever started a job that on paper seemed absolutely perfect and ticked all the boxes however, when it came to your first day it felt like it was everything but perfect?

The environment feels toxic, no employee’s seem to be happy, the work is boring, you find yourself watching the clock counting down the hours until home time, everything feels icky and not right but you start to think “maybe this is normal”, “maybe i should give it more time”, “the grass may not be greener on the other side” however, you find yourself awake at night with your stomach in knots dreading tomorrow.

Yup, I’ve definitely been there more than once if I’m being 100% honest. I’m not gonna lie, that’s big for me to share with you since I’ve held onto so much fear that others view me of flaky or weak for decisions I have made in the past.


I’ve taken jobs out of desperation, concern of being left without an income and the fear of what other people may think when they hear that I have left a job without having another.

There was a stage where the concern and fear of what outsiders thought ruled my decisions, hell a relationship even ended because I wasn’t “stable” and didn’t have a full-time job in the industry that I studied within because that seemed to be what everyone else was doing and apparently I should have been doing the same, Instead I was handing in my resignation after a week because it simply did not feel right for me.

For such a long time I viewed myself as weak, flakey and someone who just gave up when the going got tough even though I stood my ground at the time, I still had these beliefs buried under many layers until recently.

My beautiful life coach at the time Amy, @ Designing Her Life had dropped me a few truth bombs as we peeled back all the layers attached to this belief. Amy mentioned that she actually admired me for standing true to myself and having the balls to say no to something that didn’t feel right for me and for having the courage to keep searching for the career that would light me up and not settling for “ok”.

So today I’m here to drop the same truth bombs on you lovely. If you are in a situation that just doesn’t feel right and your there out of a place of fear – Don’t stay, don’t tell yourself that the grass may not be greener on the other side and work isn’t meant to be something that is enjoyable. Work and what we do plays a major part in our life and it is vital that you enjoy what you do, I’m sure that happiness will shine through every other aspect of your life and everything will just flow.

Don’t stop searching till you find that bright, vibrant green grass because trust me it will be there and without a doubt I’m sure all the jobs you’ve gone through haven’t been waste I guarantee that’s been some much-needed lessons behind every single one.

By saying no to something doesn’t make you a failure, in fact I think it makes you extremely brave and strong, do you want to know why?

I think deep down you know why, because by saying no to something that isn’t right for you, you are saying yes to yourself and you my darling are a lot more important that any job, relationship or pay cheque.

Much Love

Tegan xx