Do you crave alone time?

Do you identify yourself as a sensitive soul?

Don’t worry, I get you, because I do too.

Change can scare me. I’m extremely sensitive to other peoples moods, emotions and sometimes pure bliss to me is chilling on the couch watching Netflix rather than heading out for a night with some friends.

I use to think that i was just overly sensitive until recently when I discovered the word Empath and what it meant. I would often think to myself what is wrong with me, I need to toughen up and not let things get to me and view my emotions and traits as a negative, until recently when I have been diving deep into learning more about what being an empath means and tools and strategies that I can use to help me turn my sensitivities into strengths. The world, unfortunately, see’s sensitivity as a weakness and the weak don’t survive, I call bullshit.

So with that said, I wanted to share with you some things that I have learnt and have worked for me and also remind you that there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a quiet sensitive soul. Your intuition and your refined sensitivities are gifts, for you and others. I want you to appreciate yourself, your openness and realize how special and perfect you are.

Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. – Steve Jobs

Know your limits

If you know that you have a busy week ahead don’t go and jam pack your weekend with social events leaving yourself to feel exhausted and depleted come Sunday night when it’s time for you to start your whole week again. Try doing things to make your week a little easier and less crazy for you such as ordering groceries online, get a cleaner or meal prep so that you have nutrious easy meals ready for you.

There is no harm in saying no and if your friends are true and know you well trust me, they will understand what is best for you and support you in your decision.


I’ll say it again (or perhaps scream it) B O U N D A R I E S.

You may be quiet, extremely giving and a big people pleaser because hey who wants to disappoint others but please know your where your boundaries lay and honor them. Boundaries aren’t selfish and don’t have to be bad. You know when you feel yourself being pushed and pushed that little bit further each time before you eventually break? It’s time for you to draw a big fat line in the sand and it’s your responsibility to ensure no one crosses it. You wouldn’t let someone into your yard to dump trailer loads of rubbish at your doorstep for you to clean up so why do we let others shit all over us time and time again? It only keeps on happening because they think it’s ok. Work on determining for yourself where your boundary of responsibility is and where someone else’s begins.

I will protect my energy around draining people. I will learn how to set healthy boundaries. I will learn to say “no” at the right times. I will listen to my intuition about the relationships that are nurturing for me.

Ground yourself and practice self-care on the regular

Have you ever heard of the saying you can’t pour from an empty cup? I couldn’t agree more. As people pleaser’s it’s so easy for us to say yes to all the things even when it’s something that we don’t really want to do or within our best interest. Today’s society has become very busy and fast paced in most things that we do and often forget to stop and just be and remember not to compare yourself with others as some people thrive in that kind of environment and some like ourselves may need a little more down time than others.

Grounding or also known as Earthing is scientifically proven to calm our nervous system. Our feet are extremely good at grounding stress because of the many reflexology and acupuncture points our soles. Grounding can be as simple as walking barefoot in your own backyard or at the beach. I have also recently discovered that empaths love the water which makes it so clear to me as to why I love being by the beach or taking a long bath with magnesium salts and essential oils. Plant your feet firmly on mama earth even if it’s just while you hang out the washing and take a few minutes to yourself.

Return to sender

Since diving deep into this beauty of a book this mantra has become one of my favourites and you’ll be surprised with how often I find myself saying it.

Workplaces and public places such as shopping centre’s etc can be extremely toxic when we are dealing with many moods and emotions. I know that I can take it extremely personally if I find someone being snappy or short with me and I am learning tools that help me to not absorb the negative energy as mine especially if I wasn’t feeling anxious, depressed or angry beforehand.

Repeat the mantra “Return to sender. Return to sender. Return to sender in your mind or aloud as you focus on breathing out the toxic energy that is currently bottled up inside of you. Trust me as crazy as it may sound it works.

You are not other’s circumstances

I’m sure your one of the friends who people love having deep conversations with and sometimes with this, there can be a lot of emotional offloading – If you allow it! You can be there for your friends and show empathy without taking on grief as your own.

A good way to recognize whether your energy is yours or someone else’s is to ask yourself is this emotion mine or someone else’s and control how much time you spend listening to the person.

If you feel you are too connected with someone’s unpleasant physical or emotional state visualize a cord of light extending from your belly to theirs and then lovingly set the intention to cut the cord. Now visualize taking a pair of scissors cutting the cord between you and the unwelcome energy that they carry. Your not putting an end to the connection with the person entirely only the energy that you no longer wish to absorb.

I would love to hear from you now. What are some tips that you find work well for you that can help others? Please share below beautiful because you will help more people than you may think.

With love,

Tegan xx