Tegan 20

Waking up every day with an eager heart, full of passion and purpose.This is what it means to be alive and living a life that is connected, happy, healthy and soul driven.


Hi there beautiful, I’m Tegan and I’m all about creating a life that you love and desire.

I won’t settle for mediocre, just “ok”, or wishing Monday to Friday away for the countdown until the weekend, life’s just too short for that!

I’m a passionate Life Coach who wants to help empower women to live a life which allows you to feel alive, full of love and on purpose.

So whats my story?

I haven’t always lived this way. I woke up every day with heavy pit in my stomach and the mindset of “another day another dollar”. Monday to Friday were wished away, every week of every year was just another countdown until the weekend or my next lot of annual leave.

Life had to be more than this didn’t it? It had to be more than sitting behind a computer from nine to five doing something i wasn’t passionate about for fifty two weeks of the year to only get four weeks off. Tell me how an earth is that called balance? If this was what life was I didn’t want to be part of it.

Life threw me a big life lesson that was a turning point for me.


Everything was too hard, i didn’t want to be part of this so called “life” anymore. I didn’t know who i was anymore and felt so out of touch with the person i had become, something had to change.

How did i get out of the dark place in my life?

Behind my breakdown was a breakthrough, I realised that i was at rock bottom and that the only way from here was up. I left my toxic job without having another, because i valued my heath more than the steady income that hit my bank account every week.

Was i scared? Heck yes!

Was i worried about what others would think? Of course!

Had i made a decision that was best for me? I could feel it in my heart

Had i choose love over fear? Definitely!

At this time i also took another huge leap of faith, listened to my intuition, gave myself permission to listen to my heart and not my head and enrolled in the Beautiful You Coaching Academy. It was time for me to follow my dreams and let go of any limiting beliefs that had held me back for years. It was my time to leave the comfort zone of certainty, listen to my heart, and dive into the unknown.

Today I believe i am worthy

I believe

That you can create your dream life

In the law of attraction

What you do today can improve all of your tomorrow’s

There is no such thing as “luck”

It all starts from within

My purpose?

I’m here to help encourage, inspire and motivate women to achieve those dreams that have been tugging away at your heart strings for some time now, while being your number one cheerleader. 

You are worthy.

I once read a quote from the beautiful Lisa Messenger which has sat with me ever since.

“You are no different, no lesser than or less capable of living your lifes purpose than the next person. You have just as many hours in the day as Steve Jobs and Oprah Winfrey.”

The relationship you have with yourself is the most important relationship of all. It’s time to show up for YOU.

You are number one and it is vital that you look after yourself and your needs. Ever heard of the saying you can’t pour from a empty cup? I couldn’t agree more.

My soul sings when..

Taking walks outside in the fresh air and sunshine with my furrbaby Bronte

When I’m nursing a big cup of herbal tea while diving into a great book

When I’m indulging in trashy reality tv (there can never be too many episodes of Hart of Dixie, Vanderpump Rules, The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills or Keeping Up With The Kardashians)

Practising yoga in mother nature

Diving under a big salty wave

With my family, savouring every moment

I’m in my Lorna Jane (yes I’m a Lorna Jane junkie and fan but for more reasons than just her amazing activewear)

♡Enjoying a beautiful weekend away camping with loved ones

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