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Does following your dreams make you flakey?

  Have you ever started a job that on paper seemed absolutely perfect and ticked all the boxes however, when it came to your first day it felt like it was everything but perfect?   The environment feels toxic, no employee’s seem to be happy, the work is boring, you find yourself watching the clock […] Read more…


Is your comfort zone too comfortable?

Are you talking to yourself as if you would someone you love or are you constantly beating yourself up with your negative “mean girl” nasty talk?   Am I the only one that finds it extremely sad that we are so fast to criticise ourselves with things such as, I’m a bad person, I can’t possibly […] Read more…


Hello Beautiful

Why hello and welcome to my online home lovely, I’m so excited to have you here! Wow hasn’t this been a journey filled with joy, love, inspiration along with a side of stress, tears and frustration but guess what! This is just the beginning and I hope we can all go along this journey side […] Read more…